Friday, August 6, 2010

Practice for senior thesis: sketches for gluten expose

Practice for senior thesis. I've done some research into what Gluten does for and to one's body. I have three sketches, one of which will go to final.

Input, as always, is welcome!


Joann Wells Greenbaum said...

Now I'm wondering what inspired this theme??? Is it coincidence or fate?
I do like the middle drawing with the breakfast bowl being scrutinized by the sun.
But then the little figure of the food group pyramid is so cute!
The jury is still out...

Jimmy Malone said...

Well, you know, David was really on to something when he said that going Gluten-free is really trendy. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't inspired by my visit with y'all.

Lulu Fang said...

hey jimmy,
how do you guys prepare for senior thesis? do your profs give you guys a list of thing you need to get done for senior year?

Jimmy Malone said...

We have to write a proposal for our senior thesis project and give a presentation of our idea in front of the entire senior Illustration class. But we can do anything we want for thesis, so long as we go through the process of writing the proposal and complete our project before graduation. I've decided to make a body of Editorial Illustrations. What do y'all have to do for senior thesis?

Lulu Fang said...

i'm not really sure yet, but i think it's something like that. i already know what i want to do, but i don't think i'm very good at writing things out.
hopefully i'll have enough work to not only hang up at the senior show, but to also make a small book out of it :D